2024 Election of Officers

This year we held our annual meeting and election for Board Members outdoors block party style on March 17, 2024.  

By the close of the election period, the BNA members re-elected Kristen Anderson-Vicino, Sherri Coursey, Carolyn Dahan, Charlotte Deckhut, Arline Fallen, Brandon Hilpert, Mana Monzavi, Becca Roberts and Kristi Steinberg to the BNA Board of Directors.

Officers will be selected at the April Board Meeting, the officers for 2024:

  • President – Carolyn Dahan
  • Vice President – Brandon Hilpert
  • Secretary – Mana Monzavi
  • Treasurer – Kristi Steinberg

Additional roles held by:

  • Membership – Kristi Steinberg
  • New Neighbors – Arline Fallen
  • BNA Merchandising – William Polk

Vance Walker continues as Happy Hour Director and Brandon Hilpert continues as Communications Director. Go to our Contact Us page to reach out to the Board.

BNA is managed by a board of nine members, elected at the annual meeting, who serve one-year terms to plan and organize all of our fun activities for the community. In addition, BNA and the directors are neighborhood advocates among our neighbors, and with elected officials and community representatives (City Council, Police, Historic Resources Board, North Park MAD, and others).

5G Fiber Optic Project Docs

Here are the documents we’ve received from the city about the 5G Fiber Optic project.

The addresses highlighted in the city documents are the following:

  • 2463 Dulzura Ave
  • 2404 San Marcos Ave
  • 2401 Kalmia St.
  • 2405 Kalmia St.
  • 3124 Maple St.
  • 3106 Laurel St.
  • 2404 32nd St.

Permit 698320

Construction Plan (3124 Maple St, 3196 Laurel St, 2463 Dulzura Ave, 3210 Kalmia St)

Construction Plan (2414 San Marcos, 2405 Kalmia, 2404 32nd St, 3205 Maple St)

Historic Lighting Community Forum

We will be hosting a community forum about the proposed historic lighting project.

Please join us for an informational session Wednesday, May 26th from 7:00 to 9:00pm on Zoom.

We will have an initial presentation, followed by a question and answer period.  Questions can be submitted by email to webmaster@burlingamesd.com or submitted through the “chat” feature during the Zoom meeting.

Some details, as well as frequently asked questions can be located at Burlingame Historic Lighting.