Historic Street Lighting

Almost 40 years ago, Burlingame Neighborhood Association (BNA) was created to save Switzer Canyon from development and led the way for the City of San Diego to pass an Open Space Ordinance—helping to protect many canyon lands across the city. BNA has since been working to preserve the historic character and charm of the neighborhood.

The City is in the process of undergrounding overhead utility lines throughout Greater North Park and will be replacing all the existing streetlights in Burlingame and adding a few additional streetlights, as required by current City Code. Burlingame should have our utility lines moved underground in about 5 years.
We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to install beautiful, period appropriate lighting that will enhance both the character and safety of our beloved neighborhood. Our Board has met with several City officials and researched other “historic Districts” that have opted for acorn lighting options (ie. Fern Street in South Park, Talmadge, Kensington etc.). We encourage you all to go to one of these neighborhoods and look at the acorn lights in person. We believe that they are a huge improvement over the City’s proposed standard “cobra” lights and the right look and feel for Burlingame.
If we do nothing, the existing wood telephone pole “cobra” lights will be replaced with larger, concrete pole “cobra” lights and additional “cobra” lights will be added throughout the neighborhood.
If the community votes to upgrade to the historic-style acorn lights, the community will pay the difference of the upgrade with the creation of a Maintenance Assessment District (MAD). Preliminary budget numbers are $250 to $187.50 per biannual property tax bill over 3 to 4 years (respectively).
Please answer the following short survey questions to help us determine the neighborhood’s level of interest in upgrading to historic-style acorn streetlights.

BNA will host a virtual meeting to continue to gather feedback from the neighborhood in the coming months.