Burlingame Community

Burlingame residents enjoy a number of other community groups in additions to BNA, including those listed below.

Burlingame Club

The Burlingame Club, Est. 1913.

The Burlingame Club welcomes you! We know you will enjoy living in this historic and vibrant neighborhood. Our club was organized and founded in the fall of 1913, when Burlingame was a new development and many of the oldest houses in our neighborhood were still under construction. The Club is the oldest, continuously active women’s social club in San Diego! Its purpose is “to promote social fellowship among the residents of Burlingame and to stimulate the spirit of civic improvements. See www.burlingamesd.com/burlingame-club/ for more information.


The Burlingame Mens’ Only – Progressive Garage Tour was born as some wondered “What is really happening inside the “Garages of Burlingame?” Through the years our neighborhood has hosted Home Tours; Film Festivals; Music Series; Happy Hours; Block Parties, Caroling Party, Egg Hunts and Luminaries.  But until now no group has ever taken a serious look at one of the largest single area of many homes….the GARAGE. See www.burlingamesd.com/bmo-pgt/ ‎ for more on this controversial and exciting subject.

Burlingame Music Series

The Burlingame Music Series hosts 60-75 minutes concerts in the homes of Burlingame residents three or four times a year. Guests enjoy an intimate experience with a variety of live music genres and internationally recognized performers. Concerts usually begin at 7:00 p.m. followed by a Burlingame hospitality ‘happy hour’ with the guest artists.  Seating for all the concerts is limited. Please reserve your space for any or all the concerts on-line at www.burlingamemusicseries.com.

Happy Hour

Happy Hours are held in the homes of Burlingame residents, usually on the last Friday of the month from January to October. Sign up for BNA emails including Happy Hour announcements www.burlingamesd.com/contact-bna/ or watch the BNA Events calendar at www.burlingamesd.com/bna-events/


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